Our Team

At Delta HR Consultants the best of talent and the most industrious of training come together to translate into top quality professionals who can hit the ground running for you. Deltahr services recruits the best with a focus on deep technical expertise and people skills! Delta HR Consultants recruits taking into consideration the global competence and the talent that helps to understand global scenario.

  • Along with hiring experienced professionals, We are hires the best graduates from the top regional engineering and computer science colleges to infuse fresh blood into the Company.
  • We enjoy one of the lowest employee attrition rates among medium sized technology firms in the region. We accomplish this by offering a stimulating work environment that promotes learning and career advancement. We have clearly defined growth paths for the various roles we offer. This gives an opportunity to our people to work on the technologies leading the pack.
  • The quality of the work we deliver is a direct result of the strong foundation of a comprehensive training. We train our team members to be constantly ahead of the technology curve. We keep our people on the treadmill by continually training them on new versions of core development products and technologies on the horizon. We believe that delivering success demands much more than just technical skill. Leadership, Communication and Interpersonal Skills are essential qualities of an all-rounded professional. A huge chunk of our training is devoted to the development of non-technical soft skills that are vital to the success of projects in the dynamic world of product development.
  • Many of the Delta HR personnel have completed at least one of the Microsoft or Red-Hat certifications.

We are always available for work. Please, Feel free to call us or mail at info@deltahrconsultants.in